DISCOVER TODAY HOW to effectively plan a party by following 8 simple steps. YOU will feel confident and in control of the entire party planning process.

Dear Friends,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Catherine Holt and I am a stay at home mum who simply loves throwing parties.  I am not a professional event planner, but I am a party enthusiast and I really enjoy creating parties and memorable experiences for my family and friends.  I wanted to put together a resource for people who also want to create special events, but have no idea where to start.  One thing I am confident of is that ANYONE can plan a successful, exciting and memorable party, but unfortunately not everyone knows the basic principles of HOW to do this.  Time and time again, I have people say to me “I could never organise a party like that”, but I assure you, you CAN and it is EASY!

Planning and holding a party is NOT complicated and shouldn’t be a stressful affair.  The problems is, no-one really tells you HOW to do this and therefore many people are left wondering where on earth to start.  It is a myth that only professional event planners can create those truly magical events.

You don’t need to hear about how to plan the party of the century and you don’t need to know how to be a professional event planner.  All people really need to hear is how to make a special occasion for YOUR  loved one, that is unique from all the other parties you have been to.  You want to hold the party with the ‘wow’ factor and have it tailored to the person you’re holding it for.

Planning The Perfect Party

Why choose THIS e-book?

  • Create a stunning party that your friends and family will talk about for years to come.
  • Discover how to save money when planning your parties.
  • Learn how to choose a party theme that suits you!
  • Understand what questions you need to ask yourself when deciding on a venue.
  • Be confident in arranging a venue outside of your home with a list of necessary questions to ask the vendor.
  • Discover the importance of invitations and the essential items to include.
  • Learn how to decorate without spending hundreds of dollars.
  • Have an understanding of whether to include activities at your party and why these are important.
  • Learn to choose the right food for the right occassion with an understanding of how much to provide.
  • Create the perfect ambiance with the right music for the occassion.
  • Be guided through the entire process leaving you with a sense of achievement and enjoyment.

I have compiled a 50 page e-book which outlines everything you need to know in order to plan and hold that wow factor party.  It is not full of fuss and fancy items that are beyond the means of most people, but just straight down to earth useful tips that YOU can follow.


If you answered YES, then this book is ideal for you.

It will take you through 8 simple steps that if followed will guarantee you to not only experience a wonderful party, but will enable you to enjoy the process leading up to the party too.

“Thank you Catherine for all the wonderful advice in your book on how to plan a party. The 8 steps to organising a party were so helpful. From coming up with a special theme to making sure we had enough food and drinks. You thought of everything so we didn’t have to! It made planning my little one’s birthday party a breeze. I’ll be grabbing your book again for the my next party!”
Karen Zanker / Karen's Cookie Jar

“I was recently put in charge of organising the farewell party for a close friend which I have to admit, left me shellshocked. I mean what do I know about organising a party, let alone one that would be enjoyed by everyone and leave a lasting impression!?  Luckily I came across Catherine Holt’s ebook ‘Planning the Perfect Party’ and well, let’s just say that I am now the go to guy when it comes to organising a shindig to be remembered!  Catherine has done an incredible job of creating a resource that is easy to understand (especially for a bloke like me) and provides ideas and examples to cater for all occasions and every budget. She really does leave no stone unturned, covering every aspect of the ‘Perfect Party’ from the location and timing to the food, drink and music… even the activities and themes are covered!  Looking back now, I feel incredibly indebted to Catherine for providing such a brilliant party resource, and I will certainly be recommending this to anyone I know who is looking to host a party of their own.”
Alex Whalley / Director / BarterBuild Pty Ltd
I found this book extremely useful when preparing for my party.  The eight steps were ideal and made sure I did not forget anything.  The book turned concern to excitement in my party preparation and I will definitely use it again when I plan my next party
Margaret Wallace / House Wife


IN ADDITION to “Planning The Perfect Party” book, you can also get a FREE copy of the Party Planning Checklist and Tips, which is an awesome accompaniment to this book.  The e-book will tell you HOW to plan the party and you can print the checklist to enable you to follow your planning progress.

Party Checklist

I am also offering you a 30 day HASSLE FREE money back guarantee.  If you are NOT happy with “Planning The Perfect Party” and do not feel that you can go ahead and plan an amazing party with the information included, then simply ask for a refund within 30 days and I will give you a full refund.

I am confident that after reading this book YOU WILL be able to plan and hold a party that will be talked about for years to come, regardless of your creativity level.

For ONLY $17 You Get:

  • Planning The Perfect Party, An Easy “How To Guide” delivered DIRECT to YOU within minutes of checkout.
  • Access to a FREE bonus Checklist with party tips.
  • A 30 day guarantee and if you are not 100% happy you can ask for a full refund.
  • The excitement that planning your next party will be a breeze!

Planning The Perfect Party


Kind Regards

Catherine Holt

Smart Party Planning P.S Take advantage of this TODAY whilst it’s fresh in your mind.  I am very confident that you will be happy with this e-book and remember it is backed with my 30 day money back gaurantee!

P.P.S If you would like to showcase your next wonderful party on Smart Party Planning let me know!